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A2I 11 Jake Vida-Grip Of Inertia
A2I 10 Remlap & Werewolf Jerusalem-Collaboration
A2I 9 Brandal & Remlap–Selective Timestream
A2I 8 Remlap-Arcane Paths Of Aversion
A2I 7 Jake Vida-Collections 1
A2I 6 Jake Vida-Drowning in Thought
A2I 5 Remlap-ST
A2I 4
A2I 3 Remlap-The Burden Is The Catalyst Part 1
A2I 2 Flesh Coffin-Night Work
A2I 1 Ikteka-Spread Hell Throughout My Soul

PB-030 The Rita-Retrospective DVD ltd 300
PB-029 Remlap / Werewolf Jerusalem Collaboration PRO cdr ltd 50
PB-028 BT. HN. Retrospective 5″ PRO cdr ltd 85
PB-027 Government Alpha-Tune Of Oblivion 5″cdr ltd 50
PB-025 Ryan Bloomer-An Old Score to Settle 5″cdr ltd 40
PB-024 Remlap-TBA
PB-022 Bore-Dry Ice & Drill Bits 5″cdr ltd 40
PB-021 Remlap-Arcane Paths of Aversion 5″cdr ltd 30
PB-020 Vomir-Untitled 5″cdr ltd 50
PB-019 Rotted Brain-Clara 5″cdr ltd 30
PB-016 Fossils-Burnt Remains/Dinosaur 5″cdr ltd 27
PB-015 Nkondi-reportonplanetthree 5″cdr ltd 40
PB-014 Ryan Bloomer- Hammerfist 3″cdr ltd 30
PB-013 Mutant Ape/Jake Vida split 5″cdr ltd 30
PB-012 Sleeping Police/Fossils/Jake Vida split cdr ltd 20
PB-011 Remlap-Love is Always Love 5″cdr ltd 30
PB-010 Fossils-The Catastrophist 5″cdr ltd 16
PB-009 Thousand Year Frog-Avain Haze 5″cdr ltd 11
PB-008 Jake Vida-Corrosive Blood Terror 5″cdr ltd 9
PB-007 The New Low Standards-Dire+ 5″cdr ltd 20
PB-006 Jake Vida-Grind 5″cdr ltd 10
PB-005 Kakerlak-Bathtub Rendezvous 5″cdr ltd 35
PB-004 David Payne-Feedback 22 5″cdr ltd 14
PB-003 Jake Vida-Ten Arrows 5″cdr ltd 17
PB-002 The New Low Standards-Dire 5″cdr ltd 9
PB-001 Jake Vida-Outburst 5″cdr ltd 6

Written by Jakob Pamler-Vida

February 5, 2009 at 12:08 AM

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