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Bartek Kalinka ‎– Violin & Dry Leaves, cover art.

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I recently did the cover art for this tape, it’s now out via Knife In The Toaster. Can order HERE.

Bartek Kalinka is someone that I’ve been aware of for a number of years. After a couple of trades for his XV Parowek tapes and related release material, I knew that I’d eventualy release something for him. Well, yeah. Here we are then. The title pretty much tells you what you need to know then, eh? A blend of the the cerebral and the direct. Violin = Leaves, Leaves = Violin etc. Jcard art by Jake Vida. Available in black on cream and cream on black. Edition of 30.

Written by Jakob Pamler-Vida

August 18, 2012 at 4:41 PM

Posted in Art

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