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Another out-of-print PBR release.

HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?lzxmgrr06ono9z1

Info via crucial blast, who still have some copies, HERE TO BUY:

Here’s a raging collaboration between Werewolf Jerusalem and Remlap, both heavy hitters in the field of harsh noise obliteration. There seems to be a nonstop stream of Werewolf Jerusalem releases coming out lately, but hell, we not even close to tiring of Richard Ramirez’s blackened static drone project. And teamed up with the Canadian harsh noise outfit Remlap, they deliver another monolithic drone-noise slab that thoroughly blotted out our brains.
The disc features two tracks, each one coming in at just a little over half an hour. The first is a colossal wall of churning low end black static roar, pierced by shards of feedback every few minutes that scream out of the maelstrom. For the most part, it’s a swirling, impenetrable wall of black crunch until the last few minutes, when it suddenly goes quiet, the roar abruptly replaced by a muted, washed out distant rush of static, like the sound of far off waves crashing on a shore, slowly fading into obliveon. The second track is a murkier, more bass-heavy wall, at first almost totally stripped of higher frequencies, a boiling black ocean of sonic magma filled with garbled vokills and blasts of foul septic hiss, suddenly surging into crushing volume six minutes in, erupting into a monstrous level of sonic violence with the higher frequencies suddenly screaming through. It gets pretty fucking vicious for awhile, then descends into minimal crackle and hiss at the end.
This powerful dose of blast-trace was limited to just fifty copies and is now sold out from the label; we nabbed the last available copies, so HNW fanatics need to move quickly. The pro-pressed disc comes in a black and white Xerox cover and is housed in a 6″x9″ plastic zip lock sleeve.


Written by Jakob Pamler-Vida

September 13, 2011 at 4:30 PM

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