Pirate’s Life Part 01: Bore-Dry Ice and Drillbits

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While doing some vanity searching online, I came across a couple mp3 blogs that have uploaded some older out of print Pointless Blank Rec releases. Thought I’d share some of them.

Part 01 is Bore’s Dry Ice and Drillbits CDR, which was released in 2007, though work on it began over a year before that. Bore is now better known as Infirmary, and before both of these as Directbrainstimulation, aka DBS. This release started out as a split between me (as JV) and DBS. It took on many forms over a couple months. Was going to be a CD, then a tape, a collab, then shifted to just a solo Bore release. I am not sure why I pulled out of it as a split. Then there were maybe 2-3 versions of the final tracks. Even alternate artwork done by Tisbor (which I can’t find unfortunately) and a remix track from nxfxtxex. Once said and done, probably enough material from both of us for a couple releases.

Here is the blog post with download link.


Written by Jakob Pamler-Vida

July 28, 2011 at 4:03 PM

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